The Cate the Caterpillar website is designed to entertain and present unique and imaginative content for toddlers and kids (aged 4 and above), encouraging early learning habits, family activities and reaching developmental milestones in a better way.

We value family and togetherness above everything which is why we want to encourage parents and guardians to share the most valuable thing with their children: time. It doesn’t matter if you spend 5 or 10 minutes reading your child a bedtime story, what matters is that your child will cherish and remember the love and attention you gave while you imitated different characters, sang, danced and completed wonderful coloring pages together.

This is the reason why; we are enthusiastic about making content that will encourage family-time and shared learning experiences among your children and their friends. By reading Cate’s adventurous stories, coloring, singing and dancing to Cate’s fun and original dance music, it will be an exciting time anytime, together. It doesn’t matter if you are a busy parent, in school or have multiple jobs; with timed stories and songs, you can make the best out of any free time with your child. Our 5 to 10-minute stories contain the same amount of enthusiasm, love and giggle-inducing-capability as a 20-minute story does!

We are committed to fulfilling our duties as responsible entertainment providers and ensure all the below charges:

  • Safe and Child-friendly content & platform that parents can trust.
  • 100% Original and Creative stories, contests, puzzles and songs.
  • Our content is available on our site 24/7.
  • Our Privacy Statement (a PDF).

We are aware that every child is different and recognize the needs of every child group which is why our content is catered to kids of all ages. With bright attractive colors and accompanying music with stories, your child will be enamored by Cate’s friendly demeanor and tales of great adventures. Parents of all ages have also confessed (guiltily) to humming to one of Cate’s songs now and then. This fact has left us incredibly delighted as we love seeing people enjoy our content regardless of their age.

So, we urge you to take a little time out from your busy schedule every day to read about the surprisingly heroic and comical adventures of Cate the Caterpillar. If you’d like to start the venture now, we suggest starting with our families’ favorites: Enjoy!