Great, Great Grandmother Ida Belle

She was: lovely, kind & determined. Friends: Mother Nature & her daughter Emma. Favorite things: Being with her daughter Emma & Looking for magic in the little things.



She was: very beautiful but upset with her itchy scalp. Best Friend: Momma Ida Belle, of course! Favorite thing: Momma’s magical Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo!



She is: fun, gentle, and adventurous! Best Friends: Amelia and Daddy. Favorite things: Going to Carnivals and Eating ice-cream with her family.



She is: bright, smart and lovely. Best Friends: Lucy, Serena, Diane, Tom from school & Her Momma, Isabelle! Favorite things: The very strong bubbles of the magical Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo!


Amelia’s Daddy

He is: strong, brave and very funny. Best Friends: Amelia & Momma Isabelle, of course! Favorite things: Napping under the cherry blossom tree and Blowing bubbles with Amelia in the backyard.


The Clown

He is: very talented, very funny & very amusing! Best Friend: The trapeze artist, LuLu (He loves her acrobatics!). Favorite things: His stilts and Making people wow & laugh with his tricks.


Baby in Crib

He is: very small and tremendously cute! Best Friend: BooBoo, his green and yellow stuffed dinosaur. Favorite things: A warm bottle of delicious milk and Big, colorful & shiny bubbles.


Mother of Baby in Crib

She is: warm and lovely. Friends: Isabelle, Amelia’s Momma. (They used to go to school together) Favorite things: Tickling her baby and Making him giggle.


Posh, the Little Bunny

He is: fluffy, curious and particularly smart! Best Friends: Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail. (he can’t wait to make more new friends at school) Favorite things: Talking to people, Learning about new things and SCHOOL!


Momma Bunny (Posh’s Mother)

She is: intelligent, gentle & kind. Friend: Deep Root, the wise tree. Favorite things: Gathering the crunchiest and yummiest leaves for Posh and the other little bunnies.


Deep Root, the Wise Tree

He is: old, kind and extremely wise. Friends: The Blue Bubble, The Bright Bubble and all the creatures in the field of Wildflowers. Favorite things: Giving the best advice and Making sure everyone is happy.


Artemus the Shiny black Ant

He is: brave, clever, confident, and strong. Friends: His ant troops and Lonna, the Chrysanthemum flower. Favorite things: Adventures and His friends!


Beatrice and Busy Honeybee:

They are: busy bees but never too busy to gossip. Best Friends: the yellow, white, blue, purple, pink, red and green flowers. Favorite things: Gossiping and Giggling!


Thomas (Beatrice and Busy’s Father)

He is: always serious and a little daunting. Friends: Deep Root & Queen Bee (He’s secretly very scared of her). Favorite things: Checking on everyone in the field of Wildflowers.


Chloe, a small yellow butterfly

She is: warm, friendly and funny. Best Friend: Lonna, the Chrysanthemum. Favorite things: Flying & talking to all the flowers and butterflies in the fields.


The Boy with the Yellow Hair

He is: blonde, mysterious and seems quite similar to someone we know. Best Friend: The Rose. Favorite things: His Rose, Space, His Rose, Cleaning up the space mess, Asteroids, and The Rose.


Halley Comet

She is: very quick and always in a hurry. Best Friends: The Blue Bubble and the Bright Bubble. Favorite things: Visiting the Blue Bubble once every 75 years.



He is: small, red and always running a fever. Best Friend: The Bright Bubble (he’s the closest to him out of all the other planet bubbles). Favorite things: Listening to the Bright Bubble and Talking to the other big planets.



She is: warm, sweet and a little cloudy. Friends: The Bright Bubble and the Earth (she can seem like a star in the Earth sky, sometimes). Favorite thing: Doing the opposite of what the other planets are doing.



He is: a little warm, watery and the most people-friendly planet. Best Friends: The Bright Bubble & The Blue Bubble. Favorite things: Spinning around the Bright Bubble and Chatting to the Blue Bubble.



He is: red, strong and a little dusty. (he storms around a lot) Best Friend: Earth (He often sends a little bit of Mars dust as a joke to Earth) Favorite things: Talking to the Bright Bubble and Teasing Earth.



He is: a sweet but gassy giant who can spin the fastest in the solar system. Best Friends: His 67 moons and Saturn (he loves her rings). Favorite things: His Great Red Spot (he thinks it looks great in pictures).



She is: cute, orange and made of only gases. Best Friend: Jupiter (He is SO big and has so many moons!). Favorite things: Singing & Spinning the many rings around her belly.



He is: sometimes the coldest of all the planets & a little lazy (he is always lying on his side!) Best Friend: Neptune (everyone says they look like twins) Favorite things: Spinning around while lying down & Correcting people when they spell his name wrong.



He is: a deep dark blue and has very strong winds (even stronger than Uncle Harmon and Aunt Freida together). Best Friend: Uranus (they love competing to be the coldest planet of the solar system) Favorite things: Being quiet and blue.



She is: a little different & the smallest out of them all. Best Friend: The Bright Bubble. Favorite things: Being friends with the big planet bubbles.


The Great Sphinx

He is: a mysterious and ancient wonder with the head of a man and the body of a lion. Friends: The pyramids around it (he was put in charge of protecting them by the Pharaoh). Favorite Things: Asking people riddles that are almost impossible to solve.


Christ The Redeemer Statue

He is: a kind and friendly man who always greets you with open arms! Best Friends: the happy people and colorful birds of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Favorite things: Looking down at everyone in the city & Making sure they are happy.


The Tall Pretty Lady in NYC (Statue of Liberty)

She is: French & is very welcoming to every sailing ship in New York. Friends: The people of New York and friendly tourists who don’t litter. Favorite things: Freedom, unity and the wide ocean!


Uncle Harmon (Gentle Wind’s Uncle)

He is: strong, caring, responsible and a little mischievous at times. Friends: The fishes, corals and the sea near the Fiji Islands. Favorite things: Teaching the Gentle Wind about other winds and Being photographed.


Aunt Freida; Gentle Wind’s Aunt

She is: always furious and ruins everything in her path (even people’s homes and trees) Friends: No One. Favorite thing: Making chaos in every direction of her path.


Mr.Tate, Amelia’s Next-door neighbor

He is: a nice young man who lives next-door to Amelia. (he is a firefighter!) Best Friend: Ms. Susie who lives across the street from Amelia. (she has a small poodle) Favorite things: Helping other people do difficult jobs.


Two Mischievous Clouds (who accompany Gentle Wind during a storm)

They are: lonely but very bad clouds who produce lightning when they fight. Best Friends: Only themselves (They only pretend to be Gentle Wind’s friends). Favorite things: Looking for trouble and Making a mess.


The Cherry Blossom Tree

She is: lovely with pale pink leaves that sway in the crisp breeze. Best Friend: The Sun aka Bright Bubble. Favorite things: the earth where she stands, the leaves that hangs from her branches and Amelia climbing on her limbs


Beelzebug the Cockroach:

A jealous, mean, mischievous, ugly and lying cockroach Best Friends: No One. Favorite things: Causing trouble and Making chaos, secretly really likes the cherry blossom tree and desperately wants to be friends with everyone he meets but doesn’t know how and is angry all the time.


Lonna, the Chrysanthemum flower

A beautiful, delightful, shy and a little opinionated flower. Best Friends: Luminous, Chloe, Artemus, Busy and Beatrice Honeybee. Favorite things: Spending time with Lumy & Being in the fields with her friends.


Luminous aka Lumy

Bubbly, colorful (iridescent), magical, the friendliest & shiniest bubble ever. Best Friends: M.E., Loona. Favorite things: Exploring with his best friend M.E., Floating, Spending time with Lonna.


Magellan Estafan aka (M.E.):

Adventurous, brave, curious, friendly, a leader and a determined explorer, and a huge truly magical extra-lathered bubble. Best Friends: Luminous (Lumy). Favorite things: Exploring, floating higher and higher, making people smile, Imitating the Blue Bubble.


The Gentle Wind

A young, gullible wind, friendly, easily distracted, moody at times but good at heart. Friends: Cherry Blossom Tree, Luminous (Lumy) & M.E. Favorite things: Flying, rustling through trees to make leaves and petals giggle and sometimes making people’s hats fly off.


The Moon aka (Blue Bubble)

Bright, kind, lovely and the coolest shapeshifter ever. Friends: The Bright Bubble, Halley Comet, M.E and billions of other creatures. Favorite things: Changing its shape every so often & Lighting up the night sky.


The Sun aka (Bright Bubble)

Super bright, warm, friendly and the nicest of nice because he’s always smiling. Friends: The Blue Bubble, the stars and the nine colorful bubbles. Favorite things: Talking to trees and birds & making them grow.